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NY Strip Steak

The strip steak is a cut of beef steaks from the short loin from a cow and is a well marbled, full bodied and rich with beefy flavor.


2 -Packs Pork Chops 2 -Packs Pork Steaks 1 -Pack Country Style Spare Ribs 2 -Packs of Bacon 2 -Packs Breakfast Sausage 1 -Pack Hot Italian Sausage 1 -Pack Sweet Italian Sausage 1 -Pack Ground Pork 4 -Pack of Chicken Breasts 1 -Pack Split Fryer 5 -Packs of Ground Beef 2 -Packs Delmonico Steaks 2 -Packs NY Strip Steak 2 -Packs Cube Steaks 1 –Pack BLS Sirloin 2 –Packs of Tenderloins



Beef tail that’s cut partial at the base of each one and packaged whole.


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